We are so happy to have you visit us here at Psychic YOUniverse where we offer 'Life Guidance with a Vision'! Please feel free to peruse our site. We hope you recognize the synchronicity of your visit! There are no coincidences in the YOUniverse and we hope you discover the opportunities available to you here. Be sure to visit our Intuitive Coaches page where you can become familiar with who we are. We are certain we can assist you on your life journey…contact us to experience our YOUnique services for yourself.

Our Events

We have created an exciting line up of monthly events for 2012 and hope you will join us if you are local to the DFW area. Each month, Sandra and Cheryl collaborate together to offer a Live Gallery Intuitive Reading event, a Spiritual Q&A Teleconference Call and an all day Workshop. Space is limited. Pre-register now to reserve your spot as well as save on the cost of the event. Live Gallery and Workshop events are held in the 1st Floor conference room - 7920 Belt Line Road, Dallas, TX 75244

Upcoming Event Dates are:

March 13 - Spiritual Q&A Teleconference Call

March 17 - "The Manifesting Power of Beliefs" Workshop

April 4 - Live Gallery Intuitive Readings

April 10 - Spiritual Q&A Teleconference Call

April 21 - "Manifesting Through Your High Self" Workshop

May 8 - Live Gallery Intuitive Readings

May 9 - Spiritual Q&A Teleconference Call

Pre-Register Now & Save!

Our Philosophy

Psychic YOUniverse launched with the intent to provide our world with a new understanding of the value of psychically received information. Most people feel and agree that everyone is naturally born with intuition. It is that very intuition that certain persons have fine-tuned to such a high degree they become "psychic". For example; it is like going to the gym - you have a muscular system you are born with and you may work those muscles at the gym. Some people even progress to such a high ability that we eventually recognize them as trainers or bodybuilders. Then we look to them to advise us on health and wellness matters or even to mentor us to also become trainers or bodybuilders. The time has come to build strong intuitive minds and bodies in the same way, by receiving help and assistance from our experienced and well developed Intuitive Coaches.

That's what Psychic YOUniverse as a company offers you, our client, the ability to call us for life guidance or even to assist you on your personal path of strengthening your own intuition. We know firsthand how powerful this journey of self development is because we have experienced this very personally and we are committed to working with you to achieve your own self-empowerment .

Our YOUniqueness

You are deeply valued as a client of Psychic YOUniverse. We place our focus on YOU. We are here to assist you in gaining clarity and understanding and to do so with a non-judgmental, compassionate and honest manner. As Intuitive Coaches we live and model the enlightened principles by which we teach and lead all those who come for assistance. Please read our Universal Decree of Co-Creation for deeper insight into this life model we live by.